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Advanced Analytics for Endurance Athletes


strive.ai is a Strava & Garmin Connect application that brings advanced analytics to Strava's ecosystem. Our objectives are to a) Enhance your Experience and b) help you identify Factors influencing your fitness.

We sample your fitness and give your feedback on changes and influencers.

  1. Track your Peak (average heartrate, bike / run power) over [30s, 1-5m, 10m, 15m, 20m and 60min] time durations.
  2. Track your run pace Best Effort over 400m, 800m, 1600m, 5k and 10k distances.
  3. Calculate TrainingPeaks variables for all activities with power.
  4. Send you alerts when you gain or lose fitness over an 8 week window.
  5. Stack rank your Strava Segment Efforts by watts per kilogram instead of time.

Data Science

Surrounding these core functions are several features powered by data science. Our goal is to be the largest database of data coorelated with endurance sports (e.g. Weather, Bio Markers, Body Composition, Sleep)

  • Our Factors algorithms identify variables having a material influence on your fitness.
  • Our Trend Charts allow you to visualize your gains.
  • Our Activity Classifiers will help ensure your Strava data is accurate (e.g. Activity Type & Bike).
  • Our Athlete Clusters help you find athletes in your geo with the similar bike power or run pace.
  • Watch Segments to be alerted when the weather or your fitness leads us to predict a PR.

Connect via Strava

Logging in is as simple as authorizing using your Strava credentials in our iOS app or the via orange connect with Strava button above.

By authorizing strive.ai and accessing beta.strive.ai you accept it's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


New features are introduced on a regular basis. Some items on the 2018-H2 roadmap include:

  • User experience changes to pivot to insights.
  • Google Play Store App
  • Stryd &Running Dynamics Strengths/Weaknesses Insights
  • Period over period insights and trends (compare this season to last season)
  • Factors enhancements (12 months of history, Insights and %Influence)
  • Biostrap, EliteHRV Integration bringing in HRV & Sleep metrics to our Factors algorithms.
  • Add TrainingPeaks Fatigue to Factors Analysis
  • Add TrainingPeaks achievements for top 3 NP and TSS
  • Automatically flag workouts with peak data anomalies
  • Group exercise index allowing you to easily determine if you can keep up with a group run or ride in your geo.
  • Apple Healthkit & Google Fit integration to bring more bio markers into Factors

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