Achievements Help

We maintain an 8 week fitness window to ensure we have a current perspective of your fitness.

We use this window to determine if a Peak or Best Effort is a top 3 achievement in your current fitness and to determine if you start to decline.

  1. Breakthrough: We send a Breakthrough when a top (e.g. #1) Peak or Best Effort is achieved on a metric you follow.
  2. Peak Achievements: These notifications are sent if we observe a top 3 Peak (e.g. Heartrate, Bike Power or Run Power).
  3. Segment Achievements: Top 3 watts/kg on all segments completed with power (running and cylcing). They're NOT ranked over an 8 week window, they are preserved for your personal ranking list and for the segment leaderboards (if activity isn't private).
  4. Best Effort: For running activities we pivot the Peak Achievements to be over the distance of the Best Effort instead of over a time period. For example, your peak average HR or run power over 5K instead of over 20 minutes. The duration based ones are still calculated and available for factors assessment.
  5. Segment PR: When you set a new PR on a watched segment we'll tell you what the forecasted Wind Index was as well as if you set your best watts/kg so you can decide if you have more PRs in the tank!

Achievements Coming Soon

  1. Decline: We will soon be sending (pending Peak subscription model) when a top Peak Threshold has been lost (not achieved again in window).
  2. TrainingPeaks Breakthrough: Our plan is to begin sending achievements when you have a top 3 TSS during the window.