Factors Help

strive.ai samples the context observed during each activities peaks, best efforts, and segment efforts. We use this context to enhance your experience and identify what factors are influencing your fitness.

Definition: We use machine learning to determine the influence each of your factors has on your fitness (e.g. Peak, Best Effort Pace or Segment Effort). Each factor is assigned with the following attributes:

  • Priority: We stack rack your factors by the absolute value of their weight.
  • Weight: Reflects the relative amount of influence the variable has on producing a higher fitness as compared to the other variables. The color of this scale graphic denotes the direction.
  • Direction: Positive factors (green) mean a higher value leads to a higher level of fitness, negative factors (red) occur when a higher factor leads to a lower fitness.
  • Unit: Unit of measure for the factor (e.g. meters).
  • Influence: Influence denotes the percent change in the metric expected for one unit change on the factor. For example, the % more 30sec bike power forecasted with 1 additional unit of gradient.

The base Factors are sourced from Strava:

  • Altitude: Average altitude during sample.
  • Cadence: Average cadence during sample.
  • Distance: Distance traveled at midpoint of sample.
  • Grade: Average gradient during sample.
  • Heartrate: Average heartrate during sample.
  • Power: Average power in watts during sample.
  • Temperature: Average temp during sample.
  • Velocity: Average speed during sample.
  • Warmup: Number of seconds leading up to sample.
  • Activity Type: the type of activity the sample was taken from.
  • Athlete Weight: Your weight setting at the time of the activity.
  • FTP: Your functional threshold (bike only) at the time of the activity.

Weather: Two weeks after your activity we sample the weather observed at that location, date and time. Weather data points include:

  • Wind Heading and Speed
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure

Garmin Connect: If you authorize us to receive your FIT files we sample everything sourced from your fitness sensors.

  • Sensor Information (e.g. Battery Level, Unique Identifiers, Mfg, etc)
  • Stryd Running Economy Variables
  • Garmin Running Dynamics Variables
  • Moxy or Humon Muscle Oxygen Variables
  • Extended Bike Power Meter Data

Bio Metrics: We're planning to start to capture key bio metrics to include in our Factors analysis.

  • Heartrate Variability (HRV), Resting Heartrate, Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), Respiratory Rate
  • Body Composition (e.g. Weight, Height, BMI, Hydration Level
  • Sleep (hours, quality, etc)
  • Steps, Standing Hours, etc
  • Example Sensors we're targeting include Biostrap, Ember, MightSat, Withings Devices, etc...